Sexy, rich, and cousins... yeah, that too (yummy!) Wellcome to Greenville! Or thanks for visiting again! (since it´s book 4)

Daring Duke by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, the Love Letters Series is here again with book four, Daring Duke, and with it comes the Greenville boys. Another installment I read and enjoy. A lot. And... could it be, maybe, the sexiest so far? Yeah, it could be... but Anyta Sunday´s seal, that slow burn certificate she seems to own is very present too. And the combination worked magic on my reading.

First of all and because I don't know if I said so on my reviews of previous books, I love the whole idea of this invented place that could be anywhere and has that fairy tale touch and vibe, this classic essence where rich and poor live, meet and fall in love. The idea is great because it is a lovely premise for a romance series and I wanted to remark it. I like Greenville, I like the farmhouses, the manors, the people who live in it.
Here we have two rich boys tho, cousins to be more specific (ohhh, the deliciousness). Different in their life choices, different in the way …

Spanish review ahead: una historia con la que no he congeniado, pero una autora que sí me ha gustado y a la que buscaré en el futuro.

Maldito síndrome de Estocolmo by Carmen Sereno
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Spanish book, Spanish review.

Le voy a dar un 3 por lo siguiente:

- Me ha gustado la forma de escribir de la autora. Transmite, lo hace bien y lo hace intenso. Sabe llegar. Además, de repente, te escribe algunas frases de profundidad bonita de esas que te hacen pensar y darle vueltas al asunto (a tu propio asunto I mean, a las cositas de tu vida, a tu alma). Hay alguna reflexión de estas deliciosas que luego piensas durante días. Pensar en un libro durante días es uno de los mayores logros que se pueden conseguir, así que eso merece una felicitación: dos estrellas van a esa prosa cuidada y en ocasiones bonita de Carmen Sereno.

- Engancha. Está hecho para enganchar. Empiezas a leer y no quieres parar aunque no te guste lo que lees o te saque de quicio y, eso, merece otra estrella per se. Muy adictivo.

Le voy a quitar las otras dos estrellas por una sola razón:

- No he visto nacer el amor entre los protagonistas. He vi…

Pisces floors Taurus: super short review for a cute and sexy little story you can´t miss.

Pisces Floors Taurus by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This follow up of Pisces Hooks Taurus is smile inducing and pure cuteness, and Zane is that cuteness. He awakes all my tenderness and I feel sorry for him and his insecurities and I love how sweet and lovable he is. How he knows/thinks he could mess up things and get/do things the wrong way. He’s purity. And he is in love, and seeing that is a pleasure. That´s what we see in this short story: their love, their life together, their future, and their sexiness (a lot of sexy is going on here, just read the spoiler-ish title)

That said, and once settled Zane brights here with that of-course-I-empathize-you personality I’m still Beckett’s. I can't help myself. I loved him from minute one (and lust after him in that precise minute too) and I’m glad he’s the anchor, the patience, and the other half this cute kiwi needs.

Oh, and this is from today’s Anyta’s newsletter: “I also want to use this chance to give back some of the l…

And this is my Christmas read: the third and last installment in The Underdogs series, the dawn of that Dusk, the last stop in the tour that began in a gas station.

You. Forever. Always. by K.A. Merikan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From Dusk...

Doing a series from Dusk till Dawn is a genius thing to do. Really. Meaningful and fantastic, and I love the whole idea. (is it in my mind? I don’t think so, this has been written by K.A Merikan after all).

So, we could say The Underdogs “tour” ends in the opposite way it started: we finish with little conflict, sweetness and pure love when our first glimpse was sex, laughs and lollipops. And with that I’m not saying that what Dusk and Lolly have is not love because it is and huge. Just dirtier and more open and oh so funny. By the way, best quote from Dusk:

“If you hurt Dawn, I will end you, understood? And that will also break up the band, because you will be dead. And I’ll go to prison for it, so you would have ruined everyone’s lives”

But Dawn and Mage... they are love. They are respect. They are the result of years of friendship. A bond forged in trust. And even if there’s no angsty conflict for the reader’s…

A short Christmas tale by my adored Anyta Sunday!

Shrewd Angel by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Based on Shakespeare’s Taming the Shrew and kinda 10 things I hate about you style, this is a Christmas story that shows us how important friendship is and how it fills your life. How you can find love when you’re not looking for it, when you don’t know even what love is.

The story is cute, funny and sexy in its slow burn. The banter, as Anyta’s trade mark, is so good, and it says, no, scratch that, it shows what its needed to be shown, even with the short length.

Pax Polo is not what he looks like, he’s not what he tries to look like and I liked him from page one because I knew he wasn’t that pretty boy with the huge ego and nothing more to offer.
My favorite character was Cliff tho. The grumpy neighbor, the hot smart guy with a sad past. I loved him. I understood him and he made me laugh.

Great story, with great characters and a meaningful angel. That’s what this is. And the epilogue is sweet and romantic and summarizes the essence …

Very mediocre review for a very mediocre volume. Come on, Buff, give more in the next one!. Disappointing volume VI.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Retreat by Jane Espenson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The humor is exquisite as usual but the rest is rushed. Very, very rushed. But also kinda boring. I know, I know, it sounds paradoxical, and not just because rushed and boring look like opposites. Also because Buffy and boring can’t be used in the same sentence... or that was what I thought. So maybe the definition of this volume is... messy? Could be. I’m a bit disappointed.

So... without spoilers... there’s an huge battle I didn’t care about and a love affair that looked a bit cringing at first sight but bearable... I guess... maybe even appealing at some point? I don’t know yet.

This pic is a bit spoiler-ish because an old character is in it but these guys together deserved the caption.

And I’m not criticizing the art, but sometimes, it was difficult to know who was who. Mostly with Dawn. I had trouble identifying her. Not here, look at this beauty:

I’m done, I’m just showing random pics here and there, s…

My first book by Rainbow Rowell: the war between good and evil driven by very cute and very magical teenagers

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 and rounding up to 4 stars.

Refreshing. Easy to read and even if simple in the writing (and I mean simple in good way, just the absence of flourish) it contains a great force and personality. It’s different because Simon’s voice is. Sarcastic and funny but also lonely. Special.

The humor fits mine perfectly and I smiled a lot. I even laughed out loud. Humor related it’s delicious.

The romantic element of the story is very cute. And sweet. And kind of sexy. Because we, as readers, find sexiness in the most random places and here two kisses had that effect on me. They talked louder than any explicit scene.
So yeah, it is, mostly, a good enemies to lovers with two great characters overflowing sarcasm and charm. They got me from the beginning.

The mystery is a good one. Yes, it’s not the ultimate thriller and you see things coming from a mile but it’s very well driven, in intrigue and in the way it’s narrated: various POV letting us know…

It’s all candy canes and pinecones and epic and awesome. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my presentation for Wolfsong.

Wolfsong by T.J. Klune
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Superb and complete. And I’m using complete as the most perfect keyword for Wolfsong. Because that’s what it is. Full. Packed with feels, action and thrill. And the emotions are so big, so great that they even overflow that package and go out to live for themselves. That big.

And did anyone said pack? Yeah. I guess I did.

This is Ox story. A tale about a special kid who, far from be the stupid and retarded boy his father convinced him he was, grew up to be remarkable and powerful. Kind and brave. Ox is love, tight bonds and friendship. Ox is family. Ox is pack.

This journey begins with us —readers— thrown in the dirty road where Ox lives (literally and metaphorically). The road Ox walks as the lonely kid he is, without knowing that some day someone else will walk that path with him. Or —what it’s much, much better— someone else will wait there for him. In that precise dirty road (and again I’m talking literally and metaphorically at the sam…