Luke and Dominic: the favorite couple of many. A winner for me!

Fast Connection (Cyberlove, #2)Fast Connection by Megan Erickson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book two in the Cyberlove Series. This is the story of Luke and Dominic, two bisexual guys who apparently has nothing in common, except for both being veterans.
This is a book about a man who has to face a new life full of insecurities, and another man who doesn't know how to balance family and boyfriend in the same world. This is a highly recommend M/M love story.

"Hell yeah! Bisexual squad of Staten Island! We should make a FB page"

This book was terrific! I loved it even more than its predecessor and I know this statement is risky when both are so good, but Fast Connection has on it one of the best couples ever, with the great addition of Kai and Garret's presence. So, awesome story, delightful characters and dirty and rough sex. What else do you need?

I have to say this book worked perfectly for me, among other things, because I have a weakness (I have a few, but this is on the top five): main characters with kids. I get so excited when I have one of this tough guys, with a really dirty mouth but, at the same time, he is a loving and caring father... And Luke is this kind of man (also grumpy, hot, rough, dirty...) and I loved him all the way, as much as I loved Dominic.

And, what to say about Dominic... He was not at all what I thought he was in Strong Signal. Super far from it, actually. My poor Costigan. I completely understood him and felt really sad for him not knowing what his part in life was. The situation gave Dominic a perspective of uselessness that wasn't easy for him and it was perfectly transmitted to me.
I was feeling more sympathetic with Dominic page after page, and loving him more and more, because he was going through this thing alone and people can be strong and confident (as Costigan is) but, everyone needs someone to encourage them or, simply, listen to them when they feel the need and, here, is where Luke comes. He is that for Dominic, and I loved him because of his behavior. Well, I love him because of the rough sex and the dirty mouth but, also, because he was supportive and kind.

"He was a real person with a real life, and I just short of...existed in the world and took up space"

I need to say that I love the texting in this book. Between Luke and Dominic, and also between Dominic and Garret. It always came in the perfect moment, giving me a huge smile. I really felt the texting like any other personal interaction in the book.

"Garret: answer me one thing
Dominic: wha
Garret: you're a total fucking bottom aren't you?"

And, of course, I LOVED the sex scenes. They were hot, passionate and give me an incredible feeling of eagerness. The dirty sex is one of the best things in this book, and I really enjoyed it!

This was a book I didn't want to finish. I wouldn't have mind two more hours of reading. It was intense and very funny, and even if it was not very angsty, I cried a few times because I really felt very implied and sympathetic with the characters. And not only with Luke and Dominic. I also felt very near to Adriana. Is difficult to fit in a world that doesn't understand you or you don't understand, she had a memorable quote: "playing fallen world has kept me sane. When I play, I'm not me anymore"

Highly recommend!

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