My Review Policy

I read two kind of books:

-The books I own. Old or new I read them at my own pace and then review what I think about them. I'll rate these stories according to my rating system (my very emotional but also estructured rating system). Always honest, always my own opinion based on what they made me feel. I post here from DNF (did not finish) to the high rate (5 stars)

- The books I get freely from authors or publishers, via blog, Netgalley, Indigo... those are received for free in exchange for an honest review. Not a good one, just an unbiased one. And in this case I review them within the next 3 weeks after receiving the book. The rating system is the same but I don't post the arc's reviews the same way I post my own: 
I am not publishing on this blog those requested reviews with less than 2 stars. So, reviews from DNF books to 1.5 stars will be posted only on Godreads. Why? Because I think that bad promo is unnecessary and we are talking here about books that has been given to me kindly and freely , ARCs or copies kindly offered by authors or publishers who wanted some recognition. To make blood here if I hated the book is rude, so I wont do such a thing and I will just note my thoughts or rating on GR.

I don´t receive any money in Exchange for my reviews. What I write up is my honest, modest and unbiassed opinión. I´m just a reader, who loves to review and recommend good books.

None of the ARCs and Copies received for review are shared or given away.

I have some good friends whose reviews I like and trust, and sometimes I have the honor to publish their thoughts on Reviews for Book Lovers. I´m glad to receive them on my little blog and their reviews are always referenced as "Guest Post".

If you're interested in giving me a copy for review, please send me your request via e mail to: I accept Epub or Mobi, though I prefer the last one.
I reserve the right to decline any review request and I´ll let you know my reasons also via e mail. But I guess is important to state that lately (January 2018) I am declining ARCs for lack of time.


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