Release this month in M/F Romance: Black Dagger Brotherhood. J.R Ward talks about vampires

This is one of my favorites vampire's series of all time. It has an astonishing world, great characters and a very attractive atmosphere that drugs you in.
If you are a Black Dagger Brotherhood fan, you are in luck this month with this new installment. I haven't read it yet and I'm so excited!
If you are not a fan but you love vampires stories, with sexy characters and great action, you are also lucky because you have a lot of books in this series to read beside this one and, believe me, they are gooood!

So here you can check my read shelf containing this great series:✓&search%5Bquery%5D=Black+dagger

And if you love (and you will) the BDB universe,we have a spinoff! I'm talking about "The Black Dagger Legacy",  and though I haven't start this one yet, it comes with great recommendations. This new series has two released books and a third is coming on 2018, so we have plenty of time to read it! 

And here I share some J.R Ward thoughts, from a Goodreads interview

J.R. Ward's The Chosen was released this month, the 15th book in her beloved Black Dagger Brotherhood paranormal romance series. Since the bestselling author has now spent more than a decade writing about vampires, Goodreads asked her to share her thoughts on the enduring appeal and power of the "children of the night." OK, it just so happens that I love talking about vampires. Which is kind of handy, considering how much time I spend with them! And the question which is most often posed to me is this: Why? Why are these dangerous, sexy, mystical creatures so fascinating both to authors and readers?

I think the most compelling reason for vampire stories, and their enduring appeal, comes from the conflict that they bring to any narrative. In my mind, all story is driven by conflict, and for the reader to be satisfied and entertained, the conflict has to be credible, resolvable, and unpredictable: Cue the children of the night. Vampires are like the Holy Grail of Holy Sh*t Did That Just Frickin' Happen. Whether they are the protagonists or antagonists, because of their superhuman powers, preternatural allure, and—at times—questionable moral compasses, they provide higher stakes and all kinds of story possibilities that, if Homo sapiens were trying to pull them off, would fail under the NFW (No F**king Way) rule.

Vampires also come with a commonly known lexicon. Instantly most folks get the gist of these marvelous creatures: the no-sunlight thing, the possible immortality, the taking a vein, the seduction. All of these particulars, and more, can be tweaked by the author, but there is not a lot of explaining and setup that needs to be done when you're jumping into a story with them. People get it, instantly, and are intrigued and excited. Exposition is the kiss of death for any story—the old adage of "show, don't tell" is as true now as it ever was—and when a vampire arrives, he or she carries the weight of all that have gone before. As an author, I don't have to explain much at all to get your attention and hold it with vampires.

And then there's the leather pants (!!!!) thing. There is a lot of romance in my books, and when you're trying to present a hero that makes readers think, "YASSSSSSS, absolutely I'd swipe right on that," you can't go wrong with a vampire. Seduction is their calling card, the air of deadly power their cologne, their glowing eyes and descending fangs the stuff of both nightmare and fantasy. They are the wild predator walking among us, only partially camouflaged by the trappings of civilization. The beast that is tamable by love.

But for me, there is also one other reason I like to have them in my books. (Not that it was a choice. The Brotherhood showed up and took over more than a decade ago, and they're still driving my bus!) Life is so hard. It can be brutal and cruel and mercurial. Because of this, people need an escape, and sometimes it's better to step into the shoes of something Other than us. We can watch things that have perhaps affected us personally through a prism of Otherness. It's like a buffer. Vampires have many human characteristics, good and bad, and in their struggles we see insulated reflections of ourselves. It's vivid but not glaring (if that makes any sense).

At the end of the day—or the night, as the case may be—vampires have shaped my life, and I will always be forever grateful to them (and my readers!) for lighting my way as I do what I love for a living!


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