Strong Signal (Cyberlove #1)Strong Signal by Megan Erickson
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This book is about those bonds you can form with people you don't really know. This is a love story, a sexy love story about two wonderful guys who find each other online and start caring and building something special.
This is Kai and Garret's story, a highly recommend M/M book written by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell.

"In the billions of people on this shitty planet that I'd never be able to meet in person, the Internet had handed me one person who seemed to be absolutely perfect for me".

I can't say I haven't been warned because I was. Everyone loved this book and told me so. The pressure was there. I knew I was starting something with high (very high) expectations. I think, at least one friend (Dani, probably) would have unfriend me asap if I didn't like it ;) But easy, easy... No worries here, and you know why? Because I COMPLETELY LOVED THIS BOOK!!

What a couple! Sweet, cute, funny, hot and super dirty mouthed. I really enjoyed the dirty in them and when I say they were hot, I'm meaning TOTALLY HOT , even before they met in person (and don't make me talk about this first encounter on Kai's doorstep...)

When I started reading MM romance I was thinking in this kind of book, where the story is great, the characters deep, rich, and funny and the pace is awesome and absorbent.

"Your present is attached in the form of an MP4 file, and is a video of me touching my dick. I never claim to be a romantic"

I love the contrast between sweet and dirty. Between funny and seriousness. I loved the way the characters are who they are after their experiences in life, and the way you can feel it, because the writing gives that to you. Really, you can feel and understand, from the shitty family and social fear in Kai's case, to the precarious economic situation that leaves Garret enlisting without his heart on it.

I can't express myself in English as I would like, and I hate it right now, but I think the feeling this book gave me can be summarize as follows: I've laughed (a lot) I felt hot (very. Cheeks flushed an all) and I understood and empathized with both perfectly, loving them like crazy!.

"Kissing you is even better than I imagined, and trust me, I imagined a lot"

I specially love how Kai wants to face his situation for love, how he feels insecure and how Garret, the patient and awesome Garret, helps and supports him. As I said, what a couple!

This is a sweet book. No big angst here, but this is a very heartfelt story and I was so involved that I felt every single thing between our boys.

"Thank you for not giving up on me"

And now, I'm sorry, readers, but I have to leave. Dominic's story and a bottle of wine are waiting for me! ;)

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