We are expecting a very hot May, here, in Reviews for Book Lovers!

"Coming In" by Michelle Ogilvy, will be released on May 15, 2017 by NineStar Press.

Thanks to Indigo Marketing & Design, I have the ARC already, so I am really excited to put my hands in this MM Romance involving two bisexual friends. I hope to have my review very soon and share the write up with all of you!

And we also have the date for the Blog Tour! it will be on May 17. In the meanwhile, to make our mouths water, here we have the exciting BLURB:

Jay and Adam have been sharing a flat, and a bed, since they moved down to Adelaide after high school a couple of years ago. Neither man considers himself gay or mentions the sexual nature of their friendship to anyone else.

Their arrangement doesn’t stop Jay from casually dating random women he meets through work and both men seem happy with the way things are. That is, until Adam meets April, a damsel in distress that latches herself onto Adam in a way that he doesn’t mind at all. Jay sure does, though.

As Adam gets closer to April, the friendship between the two men starts to unravel and for the first time in years, Jay is facing a life without Adam. If he wants to save their friendship, he will have to offer Adam a lot more than a spot in his bed. There’s only one problem, Jay doesn’t believe in love.


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