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Anyta Sunday and her awesome shorts. Super cute!

This book was a total hit to me. It has been published as a stansalone novella, but it is also a part of "Briefs" a collection of shorts by Anyta Sunday. If you like sweet, funny and cute, you should try Anyta´s stories. I want to read all the novellas in Briefs so I will review all of them in a near future (I hope)

Highly recommend!

Noticed Me Yet? by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars, rounded up to 5.

Cute, sweet, original and beautiful.

I loved it. I wanted more. I always want more with Anyta's stories. She has a gift, she really knows how to write this kind of characters. Lovely, sexy, young and funny guys.

This short tells how Jacob (healing after a breakup) and Mr. X (anonymous and playful admirer) start a friendship and a love story through notes shared in a noticeboard at university.

"In the end love is like faith, you might not undestand it fully, but if it´s to be true you have to believe in it"

This is a really sweet story, and at the same…

Blitz Day and Giveaway!!!! Force of Nature by J.K Hogan

Title:  Force of Nature Series: Coming About, #4 Author: J.K. Hogan Publisher:Euphoria Press (self) Release Date: 7/4/17 Heat Level: 4 - Lots of Sex Pairing: Male/Male Length: 80,000 words Genre: Romance, contemporary, adventure Add to Goodreads
Synopsis Everyone knows that bonds formed under extreme circumstances never last. Harbor Patrol officer Neal Hesse has had his life turned upside down by a sudden break-up with his partner of ten years. After sleeping his way through Seattle failed to take his mind off his broken heart, he decides to take a leave of absence from work to find himself again. He hires a professional wilderness guide to take him up into the mountains, so he can get away from everything and live off the grid for a few days. Travis “Rock” McCreary, ex-Army Ranger turned survivalist, hates doing guided excursions, but it’s his primary source of income while he’s working towards getting his own survival show. Working in such a testosterone-fueled profession has forced him so …