Anyta Sunday and her awesome shorts. Super cute!

This book was a total hit to me. It has been published as a stansalone novella, but it is also a part of "Briefs" a collection of shorts by Anyta Sunday. If you like sweet, funny and cute, you should try Anyta´s stories. I want to read all the novellas in Briefs so I will review all of them in a near future (I hope)

Highly recommend!

Noticed Me Yet?Noticed Me Yet? by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars, rounded up to 5.

Cute, sweet, original and beautiful.

I loved it. I wanted more. I always want more with Anyta's stories. She has a gift, she really knows how to write this kind of characters. Lovely, sexy, young and funny guys.

This short tells how Jacob (healing after a breakup) and Mr. X (anonymous and playful admirer) start a friendship and a love story through notes shared in a noticeboard at university.

"In the end love is like faith, you might not undestand it fully, but if it´s to be true you have to believe in it"

This is a really sweet story, and at the same time funny and intriguing. The plot will make you smile and sigh and the writing is gorgeous as usual.

This is a highly recommended read and it's perfect to read between darker books, when you are looking for something sweet. "Notice me yet?" Will bring to you peace and happiness. Really, you will read it smiling all the way.

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