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Hot Romance that didn´t blow my mind :( but it could blow yours

Dirty Deeds by HelenKay Dimon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

2.5 rounded up to 3, to be more exact.

Two men connected to the CIA somehow-even if one of them is a tech geek and the other one a billionaire "agribusiness" man- join forces (against their will) to solve a case but having both their own hidden agenda and a heavy attraction for each other.

This was my first time reading Helenkay Dimon so I didn't know one of our MC (Alec Drummond) had an appearance in another series by this same author (Tough Love) but that's something that didn't affect my reading at all, so you can say this spinoff can be read perfectly as a standalone, even if the character doing the "intro" is Seth Lang, MC of book 3 in the Tough Love Series and head of the CIA's Special Activity Division.