A sweet book with two cute characters trying to find home.

City Boy (Hot off the Ice, #1)City Boy by A.E. Wasp
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sexy read about self discovering and love. A sweet sport romance with no sport in it (Bryce is a Hockey player recovering from an injury so no play time for him) but with a lot of cute-hot moments.

I don't know why but when the setting in a book is Colorado I go crazy and very invested just because.
I could blame Kristen Ashley's books or the fact that just imagine the Rocky Mountain made me nostalgic... a nonsense since I am from Spain and even if a traveler, the nearest I've been from this mountain has been Denver and for a couple of hours so... the longing is a craziness of mine.

"At least I picked a gorgeous place to have a crisis. And a gorgeous guy to have it with"

You're probably asking yourself why this tedious intro... Well, just to say the first time these two met was on the road, with the Rocky Mountain as background, in the middle of a funny situation, with an also funny dialogue, and amusing thoughts. And there, the book got me. I'm that easy, even if the hookup felt a bit hurried to me since I didn't even notice they exchanged names...
Established that I'm easy, I must say I'm not stupid, and I need more than landscape and a roadside sexual encounter, so let's expose the stuff you want to read:

Point one: Two gorgeous and hot MCs. I liked both, the curly blondie and the dark long haired one. The farmer and hockey player, the gay and the oblivious-I-don't-know-what-I-am.. The dubious and insecure country young man and the mega kind City Boy. Both.

Point two: the story itself was cute and sweet. They didn't steal my heart but it was very enjoyable and easy to read.
This book is about knowing ourselves and finding home. It's low on angst and it contains some good humor so I would recommend it to anyone who wants a light read about two cute MCs who really care for each other.

And for the first time, ladies and gentlemen, I didn't miss the point... or not that much, right? RIGHT? I even enumerated my highlights when I'm usually like this guy:

You are welcome! (Please, read with the ironic tone it was written)


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