Guest post: my lovely friend Dani gives us her thougths about Jay Northcote´s new book.

The Half WolfThe Half Wolf by Jay Northcote
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jay releasing a shifter book? Yes, yes, yes, please!

Mate, bond, bite, mine, pack. All my favorite words when paranormal is concerned and let me tell you that Jay nailed it with this new installment because The Half Wolf was really entertaining, fast-paced and easy to read.

Well, I was very surprised when I saw that Jay was going to publish a shifter story. He popped my m/m romance cherry with the Housemates series, so I knew he wouldn’t disappoint me. Let’s get real, Jay is an amazing writer.

Jay doesn’t set the story in a specific time, but what he did with the world building was absolutely stunning! Quinn is 20 years old, he lives in a small town and he’s obsessed with shifters. Apparently, there was a conflict long before he was born between shifter and humans and now they live in a delicate truce. Because of this, he has never seen one of them up close, so when he hears that a nomadic shifter pack is in town, he wastes no time and goes to check them out.

There he sees Kellan, a hot shifter part of the pack. Kellan smells that something isn’t quite right with Quinn but that doesn’t stop him from being attracted to him.

Their feelings for each other are strong from the beginning, but sadly, their relationship may not last and some hearts might be broken.

Things are complicated for them. There is a truth that has been hidden from Quinn all his life: he’ll find out why he has always felt like an outsider. Besides, bad things are happening in town and the humans are blaming the shifters so Kellan and his pack may not stay for so long.

It was a great book, however, it was full of mundane details (as I realized it’s Jay’s trademark because with the Housemates series happened the same.) It adds it more realism though, but it gets tiresome reading how Quinn arranges the shelves of the store or how Tash gets ready for a date. (That’s my personal taste, not offenses for those who do enjoy it.)

Besides, I can’t say I loved the drama. The issue of human against shifter bored the hell out of me, and the ‘mystery’ I figured it out long before Quinn did it.

In general, I enjoyed it. The sex, kissing, smelling, groping was hot as fuck. Jay knows his way around sex scenes which I loooooove.

A story of friendship, family, and self-discovery.

Recommended for those who are looking for a light shifter book.

3.5 shifters stars rounded up.

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