Jay Northcote enters the shifters territory in a sweet metaphoric journey!

The Half WolfThe Half Wolf by Jay Northcote
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 meaningful stars

Beautiful in its simplicity and metaphorically significant , this story takes place in a world where shifters are non-fiction, and be different is, as usual, a challenge.

Jay Northcote tells us the story of Quinn and Kellan, a story of a presumably forbidden love between a wolf and his mate. A story of friendship, family and love. A story about changes. About acceptance.

Kellan comes to Quinn's town with his pack and when they arrive, some dead animals are found and the locals blame the wolves.
Of course they have to blame the ones who are not like them. Prejudice and mistrust play their part while we witness a cute and sexy love story develops.

This is also the story of an awakening. The beginning of a new and different life. The start in the complicated journey that knowing yourself can be. And this is a beautiful awakening with two cute and lovable characters.

I liked both MCs, Kellan and Quinn. They relationship grows naturally even if fast, but with shifters these things happen and it was good. The whole book was good, entertaining and sweet. And above everything it was meaningful, I found subliminal messages everywhere... but I'm super weird so, don't judge me.

If Jay Northcote wants to write more about shifters, I will read it. No doubt here. His first approach to the paranormal got my attention, so sign me up!

So, yes, I would recommend this book about being different. A book about discovering and embracing who you really are. These things are always hard and scary but in this case, so nice to read and with a beautiful resolution, as it should always be.

******ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review******


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