My first dark read by K.A Merikan: a gem! (Book one in their new series, Kings of Hell)

Laurent and the Beast (Kings of Hell MC, #1)Laurent and the Beast by K.A. Merikan
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A twisted fantasy tale.

This is the story of two worlds colliding. Future and past. 1805 and 2017 converging for just one reason: the constant human need to be more, to be better, to be what we are not. Two timelines joining together two different, but lovable guys. A sweet love story flooded by dark magic. And yes, you've read right, to me it was sweet. Very.
A novel that tells us about human evilness and ambition. A dark tale about our particular beauty and the beast.

"The path to Paradise begins in Hell"

The beauty is Laurent, a naïve servant from 1805 who travels to the future under magical and scary circumstances to meet Beast, our tough biker from 2017. A burned and injured man who is better, much better that it seems.

I've been reading time travel novels since I can remember. I also watch any aceptable sci-fi movie time-travel related, so the premise of this book was my cuppa just for that.
But here we are adding bikers to the mix and I'm a sucker for those too. The dark atmosphere that surrounds the good ones is so appealing to me that I can't say no. Every time I see "MC" in a tittle, I want to try and read it  (disastrous consequences always expected)

So I had two of my things in one book and it could have gone the wrong way, mostly because to write about time traveling is not easy and it's not always well done. Here? A TOTAL HIT. The incident in perfectly introduced, executed and ended. So no niggles at all. Smooth. Perfect.
This is pure fantasy. This novel is about evil, occult sigils, hell, dark souls, and darker pacts with the devil.

I loved, (LOVED) this first installment of the Kings of Hell MC, by K.A Merikan.
It's dark and, paradoxically, funny. The authors manage to get that necessary obscure atmosphere for the story to stand out, making it disturbing and creepy (the club house is a former asylum, FFS, talking about darkness).
And this perfect mix between the creepy and the laughs (and the sweet) works in a magistral way here because our MCs are good, nice and kind. Yes, we're talking about bikers here and I know they are not every reader's cup of tea. It's a very specific background with very specific roles but these guys are not bad, what sorrounds them is, but not them inherently. They are imperfect, yes, and sometimes you want to smack them, (very hard) and yes, not everything is legal or comfortable with them. But even with that and the supernatural thing, they are still pretty cool and likable.

The suspense is also very well done. I'm a bit picky in this matter too because I love racking my brains to figure things out. And fortunately here, you want to know how and you need to know why. You are guessing since the beginning what is going to happen and how it all started. You have your suspicions while reading it but you don't really know how everything is gonna fit and be resolved. That's fantastic and It's not always easy to build that thriller atmosphere and maintain it all the way but here it's perfectly executed. I really enjoyed it.

The characters.

They are from different times. Different worlds. They are so unlike in the outside, so distinct in their perspectives,.. age gap too (Laurent is 19 and Beast 32)
They don't have an easy beginning. They go through a hell of exasperation, hidden agendas, jealousy and lust. But they have their HEA and how they get there is natural and realistic. As a reader, I appreciate that a lot, because they are so full of flaws, everything feels very real. Their selfish behavior (I'm talking about both MCs) is understandable at times and that makes you feel near to them.

"The skin in which Beast lived was his personal inferno"
My beast. So lovely. So judged from the world outside. So misunderstood because of his looks. As Belle gets her Beast´s heart in the sweeter Disney story, Laurent will win this awesome man's heart here. Twisted and darker, but the same essence than the fairytale.
Beast was my indiscutible winner in this story. I love this scarred and brave man.

"When travelling in time, couldn´t he had been given the average height of a 2017 man? Was that too much to ask?"
Aaaawwwww, Laurent. How cute you are. I want to lick you from head to toes and everywhere in between.

He is so innocent and funny you could leave out his selfishness and true intentions. He wants his freedom, his ideal life and his main purpose is to get it. He wants Beast in his life, that's true but first: his future granted.  And that's why I loved Beast more. He is rougher, apparently worse, a mean biker living in a world of violence. But he really is a softie. An insecure man living a tough life and facing destiny the best he can. He is strong, he smiles and keep going, he is sweet and has a tremendous heart.
As I said above he is also selfish in his attitude, mostly because of this life experience and the willing of being the man he was before, the handsome one. The beautiful blonde guy who can offer Laurent all he needs.

The way these two fall in love, and start a life together building a solid path step by step (lies and secrets included) is so imperfect that is pure perfection. Perfect execution. It was a pleasure to read about it. To read about Laurent and Beast

This is a fantastic book. The writing is marvelous and the plot very attractive and well driven.
So if you don't run away from bikers as if they were a plague and you enjoy paranormal, dark and time traveling,  this book is gonna drive you crazy in the best of the ways.
I loved every single page and I would recommend it to anyone who meet the criteria above, and even if you are not a biker's lover these guys are cool enough to turn you to the dark side.

I welcome myself to the Kings of Hell MC! Knight, I'm coming! Be prepared!

Highly recommend!


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