Recommended Sport Romance that beats its predecessor in entertainment.

Country Boy (Hot off the Ice, #2)Country Boy by A.E. Wasp
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've enjoyed the hell out of this book. It's kinda a second chance romance, mixed with some enemies to lovers, and those two things make this book  a better read than it's predecessor, City Boy. Or at least, for me, it is a more appealing and enjoyable story even if I wanted the "enemies" part to be longer. 

Country Boy is a good sport romance that tells us the story between Robbie Rhodes (we met him in book one) and Paul Dyson, a southern hockey player whose drawl drove Robbie (and I) crazy. 
Seriously, what's the matter with me and southern accents? I'm a junkie. It's hear it and I enter a lust-induced haze that is difficult to leave. 

So our MCs  spent a night together two years ago, before they went pro (we live it through a very well executed flashback) and now they are in the same Hockey team having to deal with each other after an ugly confrontation (also told in that flashback)

Robbie is a sweetheart and I loved him since the beginning.  He is out even if he doesn't divulge his love life and he has the support of his parents, team mates and friends. 
But, on the other hand, our lovely Paul has some issues. Serious and very rooted beliefs. He is a southern baptist raised in the belief that he is going to hell if he is gay. And he truly believes it is the wrong thing, and it's not just the sinful part. At first Paul is convinced that life as a gay dude would be pure ostracism and anonymous blowjobs in a bar. Sad perspective. Super sad. 

And that's the setup of this story. From there we have a sweet, hot love story with good relationship development and likable characters. 
I also enjoyed the dual POV in relatively short chapters since it helped with the pace of the story.
The love between Robbie and Paul flows easily, there´s a lot of chemistry and I felt the love story as a very natural one.

And what about the smutty, sexy scenes? Well, these two are scorching hot together and not just in the literal act. The UST and the sexual frustration are huge and delicious. They also share a lot of cute and sweet moments and that's a perfect combo and IMO perfectly balanced too.

Important advise to readers: one of my biggest pet peeves in literature is bigotry. I have serious problems with books with hateful parents who defend to love someone, but do not respect or accept them as who they are. 
I'm a mom and even if my kids are too young to see myself in a "I accept you as you are" situation, I have no doubts about my future support and unconditional devotion . I love my girls with everything I am and, there's no love without that respect and tolerance.
I'm not even blaming religion here. I have very catholic friends and very atheistic ones. I respect both as they respect me. To me is like being in rival soccer teams. Really. As simple as that. That's the importance I give to people's beliefs if they are tolerant, open and don't hurt anyone for and with them. BUT PLEASE don't mess with love and respect for your beloved ones. When we talk about LOVE threats and intolerance are out of the equation.

So yes, bigotry and religion are present in this book. But it's also true that it is more centered in Paul and the way he can deal, or not with it. It's easy to read. Very. Even with the bigots and church in the way, because I could read it and face these issues my way. Which way is that? Vir´s way: 


******ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review******


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