A lot of people love this book so I’m the weird one here. Try it to choose your side!

Axios: A Spartan TaleAxios: A Spartan Tale by Jaclyn Osborn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

2.5 rounded up to 43stars.

Initially this was gonna be a 4 stars rating. I loved the beginning of this tale. Then, at some point in the middle, I changed my mind and I was sure I was giving it 2 stars. But the last 20% of this tragic story made me change my mind again and rounded it up to 3.Because the book is good, It's just me who is weird and find some things boring, or long, or whatever. I'm sure, any other reader is gonna savour every single page of this gorgeous friendship and love story.

"I do not fear death because I'm afraid of dying, Ery... I  fear it because it would take me from you"

First of all: The MCs deserve 4 stars, and their interactions and conversations too
The side characters that turn tragedy and brutality in something entertaining and worthy to smile deserves all the stars too.
The narration is great and the way this tale is told very, very appealing.

The intensity and passion and (at the same time) the sweetness and sensuality that Axios and Eryx transmit to the reader, is off the charts. I was completely drown in them and their world. Their union is one of friendship and pure love and really amazing to witness.

"We lived such brutal lives, and yet, we'd found a rare calmness in each other. Eryx was the anchor that kept me from drifting out to sea. My safe haven from the storm"

As I was saying, even if tragic, this is a beautiful love story. A love story between a righteous spartan and a idealist one. A brutal novel that tells us the incredible and unique friendship between Eryx- the leader, the force- and Axios -the impulsive, the heart, the soldier that follows his leader-.

Usually, I don't do historical and, also, I don't read romance without a HEA. So with this two premises settled, I think that giving 4 stars to this book is an amazing achievement. Kudos to the author.
The thing is, this tragedy talks about LOVE in capital letters and I didn't want to miss that. And some  interactions between our heroes are memorable so I'm happy to have been part of it.

This story is full of amazing quotes. Sweet, deep, and breathtaking quotes worthy of highlight (you're gonna highlight a lot). And it also has spectacular side characters. They are cute, sexy, brave and you are gonna remember their names for years (forever if your brain works better than mine)

"My warrior. My lover. My heart"

There are great reviews out there, so go and check them if you need a push to read this emotional book. This is pure love and if you enter this knowing you're gonna read about Sparta, knowing it is a tragedy and knowing that most certainly our heroes are not going to live happily ever after in Malibu as retired old men... you are fine.

A special thank you to my sweet Claire. It´s been a pleasure to read this one with you and not just because you loved it (yay!), also because I popped your BR cherry (hell yeah, I´m the master!)
Thank you Jude and Christelle for passing by, for your support and your comments and hot videos. You added some great things to our disperse BR.


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