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(Un)Masked Release Day. Check details and my review of this bittersweet paranormal story. Grab your copy and enter this fantastic giveaway!

“What made the book for me? One word: Gristle. Gristle, the straight boy, Jay's best friend, his "bro," is one of the best characters I've had the joy to read this year. His devotion to Jay is breathtaking, his snark so very snappy [...]. Read this book if nothing for the character of Gristle. [...] Spectacular.”

--T.J. Klune, Author of For Real, Bear, Otter, and the Kid, and Lightning-Struck Heart
Title: (Un)Masked Publisher: Anyta Sunday & Andy Gallo (Self-Published) Release Date (Print & Ebook): October 30, 2017 Subgenre: MM gay paranormal romance, magical realism, new adult
Book blurb: Walker has two wishes: to perform the play of his dreams alongside his best friend at Wellington’s Tory Street Theatre, and to meet that special someone. Someone he’d go to the ends of the earth for. Someone who might only exist in fairy tales. When Jay meets accordion busker Lethe Cross, it’s like living a dream come true. Lethe’s music captivates Jay, and he resolves to meet the…

Anyta Sunday nails whatever she wants! Try this super different story. You wont regret it!

(Un)Masked by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

BR with my girl, LiaB. she's been an amazing partner in crime, going first and assuming the gut punches.

And this book has some gut punches.   The kind that leave you breathless for a few seconds wondering what is going to happen next and if you will see some light after the storm.
Yes. That's probably a good way to describe what I've just read: a storm full of black clouds and thunders but with some rays in the middle lightening the sky. Brief moments of light that make you wonder if those will be the only bright moments or our guys will have a real sunshine warming up their lives. And they will. They will have their deserved HEA. But before they get there, you'll need to protect yourself  from the clouds, the red beams and the constant raining.

Settled in Wellington, (Un)Masked tells us the story of Jayden, a poor theatrical writer that along with his best friend and soulmate in misery, Gristle (oh Gristle how I love…

A must if you are a YA fan. Christina Lauren´s first MM novel was a winner!

Autoboyography by Christina Lauren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the beautiful story of a boy writing a book about himself. About falling in love. About kissing, blushing and hiding. About support and be loved.

Autoboygraphy is the story of Tanner, a bisexual 18 years old who moves from a more liberal Cali to a Mormon community in Utah. There, in a writing seminar, he meets Sebastian (19), member of a church Tanner's family have motives to despise.

This is not a steamy book with tons of hot sex. This is innocence. This is sweetness with a light bitter taste. Because this is a first love that needs to battle, needs to face reality and when you're a teenager that's hard. Well, that's hard and painful at any age, but to be a lovely teen with a lot to give and see yourself stopped and judged? That is heartrending.

This is a book about family, friendship and life, told by a genuine and refreshing character.
Tanner's voice is unique and loud and it goes directly to your …

Who saved whom in this dark, beautiful love story? The Merikans strike again and they hit the target!

We Met in Death by K.A. Merikan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Evocative narration. Pure Noir in the plot, atmosphere and characters. One of the best books I've read this year and probably my favorite (so far) by these authors.

A love story about two men very different in all possible ways, who meet the night they were supposed to die but, instead, they are forced to survive together the dark, rough, brutal reality that surrounds them.  A modern Film Noir in book form and very similar to the classics in a lot of things: 

First: The beginning
To me, the first pages were poetic One of the main characters is trying to kill himself. In a cemetery. In a foggy night no less. Drunk. Sipping from a whiskey bottle and swaying among sinister tombs... Robert could have been using one of those 40's hats and he wouldn't have been out of place.
Neither would have been the first time he met Nathan. They met in death indeed.

Second: the protagonists
Robert is a tortured soul and has a huge inner confli…