Anyta´s Sunday´s Nest melted my heart and gave me all the feelz

nestnest by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sometimes, when I'm having a tough day or just a long one, the only thing that comes to my mind is arriving my comfy and warm home, kiss my hubby and kids, pour myself a glass of wine and get lost in a book. And, this time, mad and tired, I chose Nest to make my day better.
Unsurprisingly, Anyta's writing worked its magic and my humor changed in an instant. I started to feel better, warmed, absorbed and withdrew with the comfort you only feel in your happy place, surrounded by the people you love.

This is the story of Lenny and Julian. The story of a forbidden wanting and longing that starts when our MCs are kids and goes over the years till they are grown up men battling their feelings, preconceived ideas and their past.
This is the story of two cousins, two friends, learning about life and yes, falling in love.
Nest shows us their coming of age, first experiences, rejections and fears... and the way it´s shown... totally my kind of story. The one that gives me feelz. Sweet angst, sweet characters and sweet emotion.

"There was only one person that could made me see him just for the pattern of his breaths"

This book made me CRY. Cry while drinking that mentioned glass of wine (there were three of them), cry in bed till the point to wet my pillow (yes, that level), and cry even during my daughter's Karate lessons (I didn't even care about the world around who probably was thinking that I was crazy or going through the toughest moment of my life. Deal with it world, I'm a reader full of feels).
I really like this kind of stories. The tussle, the struggling, the jealousy, the medium-sweet angst. I connect with it in a way I don't with other books. I remember how most of my friends couldn´t avoid the crying with Axios: A Spartan Tale while I didn't drop a tear. Not near... and I was even bored. So I guess each one of us has a trigger in the angst department and mine is what Anyta tells in this book. Maybe those friends wouldn't cry with Nest, who knows... the only thing I know is that Lenny and Julian made me smile, cry and melted my heart in the process (a very warming process) and I enjoyed the ride suffering with them, growing with them, and not giving another thought to why this one was a Hell-yes-I-love-it, and other books are not. And I don't really care. I luuuuurv Nest. Period.

Settled in Germany this book it's not just an incestuous love story. In fact, that's not the way I would define it at all. There is taboo romance, yes and a very beautiful one, but what makes it stronger and deeper to me is the warmth perceived in it all. Family, friends and that neighborhood in Berlin that seems reminiscent of what  years after will be the Culdesac in Scorpio Hates Virgo
Anyta's prose, as usual, was fantastic, and the structure and the way the chapters are done worked for me wonderfully, leaving me wanting for more with every chapter's final sentence... I just couldn't stop reading. The first 40% is a chapter per year kinda thing and after that, we are in present time, where Lenny and Julian are twenty somethings and facing reality and that still (always) present love.

So yes, I highly recommend this book and if you love rock and True Colors I think you could love this one too, I hope as much as I did.


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