A sexy freebie by Anyta Sunday: Signs of Love #3.5 for a good cause.

Gemini Rules Capricorn (Signs of Love, #3.5)Gemini Rules Capricorn by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A sexy little thing. Literally: it is short (20 pages) and very, very steamy.

Revisiting Wesley and Lloyd has been a huge pleasure and reading about how dirty the can be an enormous plus. Because they are naughty boys here and you’ll be glad to get to know this side of the cute-sweet couple.

Even with the short length Anyta achieves in giving us the big picture: how are they, how are the secondary characters and how and what they feel. Perfect vision in a few hot pages and believe me, there’s a lot of hotness here.

Highly recommend!

If you download it from Amazon this month you’ll contributing to the Human Rights Campaign and that’s always a nice thing to do but anyway, it will be a freebie next moth so there are no excuses available to not read it. If you are a fan you’ll love it.

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