First Installment in the Merikan’s GUNS N’ BOYS series with a character that is gonna be the death of me. Aiiisss, Domenico Acerbi...

Guns n' Boys: He Is Poison (Guns n' Boys, #1)Guns n' Boys: He Is Poison by K.A. Merikan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great dark humor entwined with super delicious dirty sex and a handful of surreal situations.

Acerbi&Villani or the fable of the panther and the fawn. Or was it a ferocious lion and a little lamb? Well, I’m not sure about how enunciate it, but what I know for certain is that Dom is an animal. A beautiful and dangerous one. Elegant in his appearance, he’s strong, scary, kinda insensitive at first sight and a powerful magnet. To Seth and to me. Both. He’s a charismatic character and his weight is so heavy you can’t avoid him. If he is in your way, prepare yourself to get caught.

On the other hand we have bratty and apparently mafia useless, Seth. Is he really a sheep? at the beginning I asked myself that question countless times because I was sure he was a wolf perfectly disguised. But nope, I was wrong, he was that naive, he wasn’t wearing a costume, his whinny skin was just that: simply clueless. And when I accepted that fact, I started my love story with his oblivious ass. Because he was exactly what a cynic assassin with a dark soul needed to match him, to complete him, to give him some light.

The love story between -cocky full of himself- Domenico Acerbi and -unfocused and a bit lost mafia designed successor- Seth Villani is dark, twisted, erotic and funny. It’s just an introduction, just the beginning of what I think will be an epic love story. Here we have more sex than love story development. Two men attracted to each other. And what surprised me the most about me loving the hell out of this book is that I’m a very specific kind of MM reader. I get the most in slow burns or bittersweet YA books. Lovely but a bit angsty stories with a lot of banter and just a few sex scenes (if any). And if you haven’t realized yet, this story is far from all I’ve described. We certainly have a lot of banter (high quality) but also tons of sex and surprisingly, I welcomed every single naughty scene in it.
I have a huge dichotomy in my book tastes and that makes me the reader I am, and I’m so comfortable with it. I’m proud to love my sweet angsty teenage stories and also proud of my need to feed my dark side every now and then. This book? Fed all my twisted desires like no other.

To me Guns n' Boys: He Is Poison is a great Dark Comedy. Yes, don’t read that statement as I was a mad person. THIS IS COMEDY at its best BUT as dark as the most obscure of them. That’s all. There are colors for every humor for a reason. How would you describe a book where a sarcastic nearly-soulless mafioso (and hot, hot, hot) trains a character out of Little House On The Prairie (A horny, vain and sexy one but that clueless about organized crime) to be the next Don? Because that’s what Seth is: a little lamb whose mother left out of the mafia drama and now he is far from being a scary mobster (as his father is). He’s like the Villani’s lost link and is on Domenico’s hands making a bad man out of him. When you accompany that crazy premise with the fantastic humor this is full with? You have as result a dark twisted comedy that treats themes as violence, death, mutilation and incest in the funniest and crazy way, leaving you like a blushed-gasping mess. Because let me warn you: this book is DIRTY, so deliciously dirty.

If I’d have to rate the level of entertainment I’d give it 5 stars. Same, if I was evaluating my grade of obsession after Domenico Acerbi and, even 6, for the dark humor. The plot itself would be probably a 3 (to me that means “*** A good read. I like it. A very enjoyable book.”) because as I’ve said before this is like an introduction where we have more erotica than anything else. So, I’m going for a solid 4 stars and a huge hunger to know more about these two. Usually I don’t read sequels about the same couple but I’m jumping to Guns n' Boys: He Is Mine as soon as I’m done with a lighter read. Anyways, I don’t see the next books as sequels. I’m taking what I’ve just read as a long prologue in a story that is going to shine. What will be waiting for me in book 2? I’ll know it soon!

Recommended for dirty and twisted minds!

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