I can’t wait to know more about Seth Villani and Domenico Acerbi. What a great and sexy job my beloved Merikans have done.

Guns n' Boys: He Is Mine (Guns n' Boys, #2)Guns n' Boys: He Is Mine by K.A. Merikan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars

Tender and soul baring beginning, with a lot of sexy and funny times in the middle and a thrilling last third

When you are up for a sexy read but end up in love with the story and the characters is when you know for sure, your hookup has become a long term boyfriend. Because I was expecting a wild ride in a dark night and out of nowhere I got myself engaged, with a big stone in my finger looking around and asking myself what the hell had happened to me and my casual fling.
Yes, I was in for some filth (some is an understatement), a lot of laughs (I got those. I always laugh with these duo even in the darkest moments or probably because of them) and dirty mouthed boys doing obscenities (oh, the dirty deeds... *blushing* ...how dirty they were)and I was more than ready for that, I signed for that, but here I got much more of what I signed for. Romanticism, tenderness, two rough guys opening up to each other, two men facing the sharks the best way they can without being eaten, and two hearts belonging together.

In this book, we get to know, to really know, one amazing character: Domenico Acerbi. He is sex with legs and that’s the only thing we saw in him in Guns n' Boys: He Is Poison Nothing wrong with that, the sexy, hot and bossy Dom is fantastic BUT in Guns n' Boys: He Is Mine we have HIM, the real man, the feelings, the past, the possessive as hell guy.
Domenico... my poor assassin, my cocky old soul lover of ballroom dances and Marlon Brando movies, my effective hitman... you are so capable of love and caring *sighs* I never doubted you had in you all this romanticism and I was always sure you could fill a bed with red roses and deliver your message. Your cute and dirty message.

And Seth? Seth is a so much needed character. His position as weak is vital and incredibly well done. This story is nothing without a man like Seth Villani: Dom’s God of chaos, a fish out of the water, who’s not ready for the world of evilness he has to live in. Fortunately he has Domenico to row their boat, surf the waves and save him for a sure drowning death. But ironically, Dom needs Seth too. And not just to light his darkness or be the modern breeze to Dom’s old tastes. Seth is not just the wimpy guy the story needs, he has an ace up his sleeve and that is his love for Domenico Acerbi. He is driven by it and his usual and apparent feebleness can change the instant his lover is threatened. Because my friends, love is a powerful weapon and that’s what moves Seth Villani courage.

The strength in this story (aside the very well written sex scenes) is the consecutive use of Discordant situations, a lot of lovely incongruities that make this book what it is: a precious dark comedy telling a brutal love story:

- A man smelling daises in a meadow full of men with loaded and aimed guns.
- A couple of mafiosos dancing a waltz hidden in a dark barn.
- A gay guy marrying a woman when his heart and ring are in his male lover.
- A bizarre honeymoon with homemade lemon cupcakes but without the wife.
- A strange couple of mobsters (well, a mobster and Seth) fighting like violent teenagers, but holding bloody hands when they have to.

You know how my friend Rosalinda KRASNORADA has named herself after Voinov’s Ruskkie character Vadim Krasnorada? Well don’t be surprised if from now on I go by Vir *ACERBI*. Who needs to be sane and mature? Not me, that’s for sure. I already have my RL to be a responsible adult.

Highly recommend read for your dark and filthy inner passenger!

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