When a friend you trust write a review like this about a book you want to read, you can only wait and sigh. Metahuman Files #3.5. A novella.

Out of the Ashes (A Metahuman Files: Classified Novella #1)Out of the Ashes by Hailey Turner Simone´s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Everything took time, after all, and surviving was a journey. It always would be. Ähnliches Foto
THIS WAS BETTER THAN ANY THERAPY!!! After everything a certain someone *side-eyes the author* made Alexei and Sean go through in In the Blood, both, the guys and us readers - okay, at least I - needed quite some time to recover. Even if some tender approaches have already been made at the end of the previous book, it was pretty obvious that Alexei and Sean in particular would have to go a long way to feel safe in their own skin and find their connection, the safety in their relationship again. Trauma has a deep impact on the soul and overcoming guilt, doubts and one's own insecurities is something Sean has apparently more of a hard time to come to terms with than Alexei.
Knowing what he wanted to do was easy. Actually doing it, well... his head kept getting in the way of his heart. He knew his insecurities were what was holding them both back, and not anything Alexei had done. It made him angry with himself, but anger wouldn't help either of them.
Alexei is known - not to say famous - for his stubbornness and giving up on Sean and their love is something that is not going to happen, as much as Sean's reserve does hurt. With stubbornness comes patience, though, and deep down he knows that only time can heal all wounds and he is determined to show Sean that he is not going anywhere. Cleared for active field duty, both men are sent to London on an undercover mission where they have to prove that they still have each other's back to get the job done. When suddenly someone appears on the scene who could endanger the whole mission, both men have to find their inner strength and show that they are still a team, in- and outside of the job... First of all, although this is the first book in a new collection of short stories in the Metahuman universe, I would not advise to read this as a standalone. It is connected to the events of In the Blood and you would be lost if you don't know all the books in the Metahuman Files series. It is pretty rare for me to give a short story five stars because usually - even if it is part of a series - something is missing. Not. This. Time. It did not even feel extremely short, because it contained everything I already know and love from the other books. Heart-melting scenes. Hot and teeth-rattling sex. Action. Team dynamics. This was all about Sean and Alexei and their recovery in any and every possible way...
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... and I loved how the author dealt with the PTSD issue at hand by stressing that this is a process that takes maybe a lifelong time and not something that would disappear someday at a moment's notice, so kudos from me for a well-done research. It was also great to see Liam again -Metahuman himself and working with the UMG, the British equivalent to the MDF- who we already met during the team's last mission in London and I simply love his dry British humor.
"Please make sure your distraction isn't deadly to any civilians. Gran will be fucking pissed if I make the news tonight."
Since he is also thirteenth in line for the British throne, I reckon I don't need to point out who this 'gran' person would be? ;-) As for me, I am more than ready for him to get his own book and he so deserves it. Right, Ms. Turner? Pretty please? I left the voodoo doll in the drawer this time, but admonished my cat to cuddle duty again, because recovery time can be as painful as the suffering itself that led to the requirement. Of course, once more it did not go according to plan and I really need to have a straight talk with him about his duties. Thank heavens, I have a collection of teddy bears who are not such a prima donna and on which I could rely on when the story gave me goose bumps all over, and that was quite often. Okay, I will stop now before this review gets longer than the book itself, so let me finish by saying: fans of the Metahuman Files will love this novella, so read it!!!
***ARC generously provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!***


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