This Larry Stylinson fanfic has super high ratings so don’t let my quitting influence you.

Pull Me UnderPull Me Under by Zarah Detand

DNF at 16%, so no rating.

My love and lust after Harry Styles is very known among my family and friends (not his music, him. Physically) till the point that my 7 years old girl even calls him “mama’s boyfriend” (to my husband’s dismay) so when a friend of mine told me about this book coming from a fanfic about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson I jumped in. Not only jumped in, I dragged my friend Rosalinda with me (who also dies for her lust after this cutie) to read about this very shipped couple.

And maybe that’s one of the reasons of my disappointment: I didn’t see them anywhere... at first I didn’t even know who was who.
I found the conversations flat and weird and I didn’t feel or empathize with the characters. But hey, don’t let my disappointment get to you because I know a lot of people who loved the book. I’m not one of those, no, but maybe you are. I may have loved it years ago... I don’t know. Not the right time for me and the lack of depth in here. Also Ben’s thoughts loose track so easily I was constantly forgetting what they were talking about, I just knew it wasn’t something important. It never was (in my 16% at least)

Maybe I’ll read the fanfic version that created this because I still want some Larry Stylinson (is this how fandom call them, right?) in my life. Gimme that please!

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