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Second installment in The Order Series by Kasia Bacon: so good, so short and so “keep writing about this universe Kasia, and do it fast”

The Highlander​ by Kasia Bacon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Even better than The Mutt. Still very short but packed with feels and emotion.

”At times, he felt, smelt and tasted like my fate. At others—my biggest mistake”

This is a peek in Lochan’s head. Our assassin is a complex character and his thoughts and fears are masterfully shown. Not easy with such little length but that’s not a problem for this author, is it?
Ervyn’s feels are there too, for you to taste them, even without his POV. There’s no need. We see the love, we see the sexiness, we see the heartbreak and we see how they function with and without each other. Lovely views all of them.
Special mention to chapter four: a delight.

I highly recommend this series. For elves fans and for those who want to read about young, cute and funny warriors in a beautifully described world.

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Yummy starter in a new series. Loved both MCs and loved the writing. Onto the next!

The Mutt by Kasia Bacon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


What a fantastic little read. And I’m not using fantastic because of the genre (this is about elves, yes, but this could be any place in the world, an atemporal society populated with warriors—hot, gorgeous and funny long haired warriors, to be more specific—) but I’m using the word because this was fabulous, a beautifully written short, a love story between a mutt and a Highlander, about their beginning, their first kiss and touches and the way the blonde Dark Elf (what a nice paradox, eh?) will do anything to be with the powerful half breed.

“He’d become a menace against which I was weaponless”

42 pages... and still Kasia Bacon manages to deliver a detailed and attractive universe with beautiful words and with a weird gift that I’ve been noticing in her work: she can transmit in short stories more than some full length books can.

42 pages! I want more, a lot more. So I’m starting The Highlander right now, to know more about Ervyn Morr…

One of the best MM Romance I ever read and one of the best thrillers too. This book is remarkable. Dal Maclean, thank you for this refreshing breath.

Bitter Legacy by Dal Maclean
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So good. So, so good.

Greatness in the storyline and in the mystery development, with the perfect amount of clues here and there. The perfect timing to introduce each one of them too and in a era where romance and a good thriller seems to be at odds with each other, finding a terrific suspense novel with some resemblance to Fincher’s work was refreshing and an awesome surprise.

Greatness in the couple, the angst, the exquisite rejection, the well written conflict, the unexpected in every day that goes by . You never know what James is gonna find every time he arrives home and that constant what now? keeps you there, invested and terrified about what is gonna happen next.
And James is gold. James is pure paradox. We have that vision of this brave cop, trusting in his guts, showing confidence and a smart attitude as detective, with a terrific instinct ... and then we see the reflection of this sweet lost man with a cute tendency to blus…

Split: a total winner and a complete page turner. Mel Bossa, I’m following you closely (not in a scary way)

Split by Mel Bossa
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book! This unexpected book! I don’t know how to express my surprise when I opened this little treasure and started reading. I thought I was going like it. The blurb (and two friends I adore) told me so. It fitted. But the synopsis didn’t warn me (neither those friends) about the hook its pages will have on me. The feels, the fall for these characters, the love for the story itself. A hit. A very welcome one. A succession of little punches directly to the place they needed to land.

First punch: Derek’s voice.

Different, warm, honest, funny and very appealing. It’s so easy to love Derek. So easy to fall for the twelve years old kid who wrote in his diary, and so easy to connect with his 29 years-old self. Everything goes easy, natural, great. I was pulled to his story, wanting to know more, understanding him perfectly.

Second punch: the perfection in the storytelling.

Here we have an amazing way to alternate present and past. It’s done through …