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I’m leaving here—just for the record—the last two books I started but couldn’t finish. Blame me and not them I had a huge book funk.

The Layover by Roe Horvat

I’m quitting at 49% and I’ve been struggling from the beginning so half the way was half too much.
Please, friends who loved this one to bits, don’t shoot.
Probably it’s me and my strange mood (even if my partner in crime, Izen, is quitting too) but I can’t empathize, neither like the main character.
I can’t say anymore. I wish I could explain in detail the whys and hows but it was as simple as: I don’t like it, I’m not into it. And we all know that when you are not feeling it, there’s nothing else to do.
If you haven’t read the book, don’t mind me with this one since only 3 —out of the 45 friends who have read it— didn’t like it. The book was looooved by the rest of them. I guess we are the weird ones... and it’s ok. I can live with my weirdness.

Conquest by S.J. Frost

I can’t elaborate about this DNF since I barely hit the 10% mark. I don’t even know if it was mine or the book’s fault. Maybe it’s not my kind of book anymore (if there was a time it was, and I’…

Nash Summers and her near-to-poetry short story. Longing and beauty perfectly mixed.

fawn by Nash Summers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sad. Intense. Beautiful. Full of nostalgia and longing.

This is a little master piece and I consider it a must for those who love young adult stories. Lyrical, heartwarming and precious, that’s what Nash Summers’ Fawn is. A little treasure.

A special boy who finds beauty in the sight of a field, flowers feathers and little animals. He’s surrounded by ugliness, abuse, bullies... but Rust knows how to find that beauty, that peace. He even finds it in death. A unique artist. A pure soul. A bright human being.

“Little fawn, where have you been?”

A personality to envy. A character to love. He owns an unusual and beautiful sight of the world and this is his world. He deserves heaven and more. He deserves happiness and everything. And those parents... those awesome parents. I wish every kid with a singularity could be born in a family like Rust’s, because we really are in need of people who understand and brace weirdness and oddity.

This is about two …

The queen of slow burn is here again with the fourth installment in the Signs of Love. Out in October!

Pisces Hooks Taurus by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a sweet and funny gay romcom full of misunderstandings—and misadventures—where a cute kiwi is trying to find true love in the USA.
The thing is, his dream world is full of frogs not ready for him and his romantic intentions. Till HE comes to play. Beckett (my Beckett, for future references). The hot teacher, the gentleman, the super educated man who loves literature and wine. His opposite? Could be... in some way, since Zane is not that smart. But he compensated his lack of knowledge with the biggest heart ever. And he awakes all the tender in the world.
So, what is the problem with the yummy clever teacher? Well, he’s a broken bull who doesn’t believe in true love and between his reluctance and Zane’s oblivion... well, imagine the kind of things they will drive into.
It’s a good thing that Beckett is not a regular frog. It’s a studious one, all elegance and intelligence.

Pisces Hooks Taurus is funny, sweet, lovely, and…

Spanish book-Spanish review, o mini reseña de lo que no pudo ser. Abandono cual cobarde.

Seremos recuerdos by Elísabet Benavent

Lo dejo al 3%. Sí, ya sé que es muy lamentable y que debiera o debiese darle una oportunidad pero no puedo. Me caen mal. Me parece que dicen muchas tonterías y que se intenta retratar como reales escenas que no lo son. No lo parecen. Me chirrían. Además como lectora habitual de LGBT fiction, me está molestando mucho todo... y no sé porqué, dado que una conversación es lo que he aguantado. ¡Una sola! Perseverancia me llaman... Qué triste soy, madre del amor hermoso.

Así que hala, a otra cosa mariposa y el próximo libro de Elisabet Benavent quizá encaje mejor conmigo. O no. Pero ya no me permito intentar entender o que me gusten personajes y situaciones que no entiendo y que no me gustan.

Desde el respeto.

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Alessandra Hazard writes and I read. It’s a very simple thing. Twisted guys or sci-fi royal ones, I don’t care! Gimme!

That Irresistible Poison by Alessandra Hazard
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars.

Even if I’m giving it the same rating as its predecessor, That Alien Feeling, this book fitted better with me. Much better. And the only reason I’m not rounding up it’s because I didn’t enjoy the first 35%. Luckily, the rest made up for all the struggling at the beginning.

A few quick notes about That Irresistible Poison:

- Enemies to lovers with a jerk character fighting a hurting and angry (with a good reason) teenager-like one.
I love this kind of things and I love how this author writes them. She always (always!) gives me enjoyment and delight in the characters department. I’m a fan, what can I say.

- Angst, rejection, jealousy... The last 40% was delicious.

- A very attractive sci-fi/fantasy frame with a lot to be discovered. A lot.
I’m a science fiction fan but, paradoxically, here, I found its first third a bit dense. That’s half of what kept me a out. That and a personal problem of mine: I hate when …

Gritty, beautiful and brilliant. I love this series and I loved this book.

Gray's Shadow by K.A. Merikan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Warning: this is book four in a series. Not a standalone. This demon —Baal— has been tormenting these guys for a while now. Start from the beginning, Laurent and the Beast and immerse yourself in the weirdly funny, creepy and obscure Kings of Hell world.

Bizarre. A perfectly achieved gothic climate. A fantastic dark comedy featuring some of the weirdest and most attractive characters. Probably, my favorite in the series.

This book was brilliant. Surreal and creepy but sweet and lovely somehow. Again that dichotomy so present in KA Merikan’s work that I love so much. But I dare to say this installment was more surrealistic, more exaggerated maybe, reaching an extremely dark but funny atmosphere so great, so easy to read, so I’m laughing aloud but I know this is not funny kinda thing.

I was trapped by the claustrophobic and disturbing beginning and its contrast with the comical next scene in a car. As usual, contrast, contrast and m…