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That Irresistible Poison (Calluvia's Royalty, #2)That Irresistible Poison by Alessandra Hazard
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars.

Even if I’m giving it the same rating as its predecessor, That Alien Feeling, this book fitted better with me. Much better. And the only reason I’m not rounding up it’s because I didn’t enjoy the first 35%. Luckily, the rest made up for all the struggling at the beginning.

A few quick notes about That Irresistible Poison:

- Enemies to lovers with a jerk character fighting a hurting and angry (with a good reason) teenager-like one.
I love this kind of things and I love how this author writes them. She always (always!) gives me enjoyment and delight in the characters department. I’m a fan, what can I say.

- Angst, rejection, jealousy... The last 40% was delicious.

- A very attractive sci-fi/fantasy frame with a lot to be discovered. A lot.
I’m a science fiction fan but, paradoxically, here, I found its first third a bit dense. That’s half of what kept me a out. That and a personal problem of mine: I hate when in a series the stories of different books overlap each other. And book two happens simultaneously with book one. I know, it’s me and that’s why I needed to specify, to let know other readers that it was totally on me and my peculiar mind.

- Great secondaries to fill future books. I want Jamil story (Seyn’s older —and widower— brother) as soon as possible and I’ve heard it’ll come on 2019.

- Alessandra Hazard is a master of sex scenes, UST, fast paced plots and conflict. And this book has them all.

(My mental picture of temptation: Seyn)

If you like the author and you like sci-fi this series could work for you awesomely!


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