Gritty, beautiful and brilliant. I love this series and I loved this book.

Gray's Shadow (Kings of Hell MC #4)Gray's Shadow by K.A. Merikan
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Warning: this is book four in a series. Not a standalone. This demon —Baal— has been tormenting these guys for a while now. Start from the beginning, Laurent and the Beast and immerse yourself in the weirdly funny, creepy and obscure Kings of Hell world.

Bizarre. A perfectly achieved gothic climate. A fantastic dark comedy featuring some of the weirdest and most attractive characters. Probably, my favorite in the series.

This book was brilliant. Surreal and creepy but sweet and lovely somehow. Again that dichotomy so present in KA Merikan’s work that I love so much. But I dare to say this installment was more surrealistic, more exaggerated maybe, reaching an extremely dark but funny atmosphere so great, so easy to read, so I’m laughing aloud but I know this is not funny kinda thing.

I was trapped by the claustrophobic and disturbing beginning and its contrast with the comical next scene in a car. As usual, contrast, contrast and more contrast.
in Shadow: how can a creature from hell be so adorable and naive?
Duality in the darkness vs the love story. And it was romantic. And sweet.
Duality in the seriousness of the plot vs the more than funny conversations taking place in the weirdest, creepiest moments. Hilarious. It reminded me a bit to the histrionism of Twin Peaks. Maybe histrionism is not the word. Maybe it’s a mix of weird, funny and kafkaesque. I don’t know how to describe the impact of the situations here.That good. That rare. That particular.

And what about Gray... my lonely, weary, half broken and poor Gray. He was hard at first with Shadow and I felt sorry for the needy (and strong) supernatural being but I’m Gray’s. I’ve been Gray’s from book one. He’s loyal, he’s good, he’s sexy he’s...this:

So if you like what I’ve highlighted in this little rambling jump in to book one immediately and you won’t regret it. Highly recommended book and highly recommended series.


Advanced copy for review. Thank you dear and brilliant authors!

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