Nash Summers and her near-to-poetry short story. Longing and beauty perfectly mixed.

fawnfawn by Nash Summers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sad. Intense. Beautiful. Full of nostalgia and longing.

This is a little master piece and I consider it a must for those who love young adult stories. Lyrical, heartwarming and precious, that’s what Nash Summers’ Fawn is. A little treasure.

A special boy who finds beauty in the sight of a field, flowers feathers and little animals. He’s surrounded by ugliness, abuse, bullies... but Rust knows how to find that beauty, that peace. He even finds it in death. A unique artist. A pure soul. A bright human being.

“Little fawn, where have you been?”

A personality to envy. A character to love. He owns an unusual and beautiful sight of the world and this is his world. He deserves heaven and more. He deserves happiness and everything. And those parents... those awesome parents. I wish every kid with a singularity could be born in a family like Rust’s, because we really are in need of people who understand and brace weirdness and oddity.

This is about two kind souls living opposite lives just because of the family they were born into. This short story is near to poetry so please read it, enjoy it and feel it.

(One of my corniest, I know...and I really don’t care)


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